A list of (less obvious) resources for UXers

Jul 17, 2017

Interested in crossing over to UX? Just starting out on your UX journey? Already a seasoned pro?

Any way you slice it, there’s always room to improve. Here is a compiled list of our personal favourite UXers and UX sites to keep an eye on. From blogs to video content to newsletters, there's a tonne of ways to get involved in UX.

One important thing to realise with UX design, and with most professions, is that you never stop learning. You can do a 10-week course, and be told you're a qualified UX, but the real work doesn't begin until you're actually out there experiencing it. You can always learn more.

UX is a thriving community, and with so much out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To start you off, we recommend subscribing to at least one UX newsletter and making sure you actually take the time to work through it. You’ll be surprised at just how valuable it can be.

Sarah Doody

First up is Sarah Doody. Sarah is a UXer based in NYC. She does everything! YouTube videos, blogs on her website and Medium, as well as a weekly newsletter named ‘UX Notebook’, which we love. The newsletters always provide an interesting insight into her work, which is great in itself, but she also links to the best UX news and tips as well.

UX Planet

UX Planet is a community on Medium, edited by Nick Baich. There are articles from a range of UXers around the globe who write about everything from starting out in UX to design principles, and everything in between.

Guy Ligerwood

Which brings us to Guy Ligerwood. Guy is a UX designer based in Sydney. We found him through UX planet. For the past few months, Guy has been getting into UX writing. We’ve really been enjoying his articles on Medium, which all tend to be based around starting out in UX. His article, ‘24 Ways to Look Like an Awesome UX Designer’, was a big hit around the office too. Especially with our creative director Nick who is proudly guilty of number 6. Guy is definitely one to watch.

UX Design

Another Medium community to follow is uxdesign.cc, but what we love more is their weekly newsletter. It’s curated by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga, two UXers based in San Fran. Together, with feedback from the UX community, they aim to curate the best UX content as they "learn from the community, give back to the community."

UX Booth

UX Booth is, as the name suggests, a site completely dedicated to UX! The articles on UX Booth are also split up nicely into relevant categories such as analytics, content strategy, research and even philosophy.

UX Pin

While they’re not a blog or website, UX Pin has put together a huge range of eBooks. They cover all aspects of UX, including wireframing, colour theory, UX processes, user testing, and even more specific areas like UX for startups.