How to get a job at a creative agency

Jul 17, 2017

Getting a job at a creative agency can put you in a position to work with major clients, give you a steady wage (very elusive in the creative industry), and allow you access to some great mentors.

Simply working day-to-day at in a creative agency helps you to better understand the value of your own skill set and how you fits into the creative spectrum. So, how do you land a creative agency job (especially in uber competitive Melbourne)? Here's some tips.

Try to fit in

Apply to work for a creative agency that suits you. More than any other industry I’ve worked in, the creative industry relies on strong individual ideas and personalities collaborating to create a sum greater than its parts. For your sake, and your employers, read the room and see if you think you would fit in. If you can’t feel comfortable, you’ll struggle to feel creative.

Show ‘em what ya got

Take your time with your portfolio. Add to it and update it whenever you get the chance with your schoolwork, client work, and even just personal projects. Show examples of all of your skill sets and go the extra mile to explain the concepts behind your work and the purpose of the final product.

Just as important, make it look good. If you’re a designer, it should look great. If you’re a writer, it should read great. If you’re a videographer it should view great. If you can’t do a good job for yourself, your potential employer won’t believe you can do a good job for them.

Know what you can do

You’ll be asked what you’re good at and you need to have an answer. Don’t think just about what programs you can use, go the extra mile and consider how you can apply those skills to bring value to the business. Connect the dots for your potential employer and tell them precisely how you can be an integral part of their team for more than one type of job. Be honest about where you have weaknesses, but also what new skills you are keen to learn.

Know what they can do

Get to know the clientele and style of the creative agency where you want to work. What type of work do they do and who do they do it for? Are they local or international? How big is the team and do they already have people with a similar skill set to yours? If you can point out how your experience, portfolio, or interests align with the identity of the agency it will be hard for them to turn you away.