Melbourne creative agencies: Five reasons why Melbourne breeds quality creatives

Jul 03, 2017

Melbourne creative agencies come in all shapes and sizes. You find people specialising in everything from branding and web design (like yours truly) through to yarn bombing and hoverboard cinematography (we actually do a bit of that as well…). Now, Melbourne is a big city, you would expect there to be a bit of variety, but there really does seem to be something to the theory that Melbourne breeds creativity. There are a few ideas as to what that special ingredient is…


1. Bad Weather

Melbourne is a little colder, on average, than most of the other state capitals in Australia, and a little more overcast. Some people say that this alone keeps people inside and inspires them to create some beautiful designs on their iMacs to make up for the lack of beautiful sunshine outside.

2. Weird Weather

Don’t think Melbourne is that cold? You have to admit it's at the very least pretty eccentric. What the city is really famous for is having four seasons in a day. It’s downright impossible to dress for the weather without bringing four changes of clothes to work every day. Doesn’t every song worth its salt mention a drop of rain or a ray of sunshine? Well, in Melbourne you can get the best of both forecasts.

3. Bloody Hipsters

All of us. Every single one. If you’re from Melbourne and you don’t consider yourself a hipster, you haven’t travelled enough. We voted the Greens into an actual seat in parliament. We have more gluten-free options on every cafe menu than the entirety of Europe. Brunswick exists. Hipsters. And any good hipster knows how to get creative and make something “fashionable” or “edible” out of any old rubbish.

4. Multicultural

In a country built on immigration, Melbourne is the poster-child for multiculturalism. There are over 140 cultures milling about, all bringing different colours, flavours, and personalities that will inspire even than the most straight-edged bore, or at least throw them well out of their comfort zone.


5. Snobby Coffee

Melbourne creatives would probably be a lot more successful if they didn’t spend 80% of their revenue on coffee. It’s expensive here, but it’s good. Melbourne has transcended the frappes and syrups in its quest for the perfect single origin pour-over. In a biodegradable cup. Made from recycled materials. Did I mention hipsters already? There’s nothing like a gourmet caffeine hit, or seven, to keep the creative juices flowing.

Melbourne makes a point of being creative. I mean, being a Creative City is a stated goal of the city council. So if you’re looking for a world-class creative agency, you’ve come to the right place. Just, please, leave your 7/11 coffee at the door…