Tools every comms team should use

May 03, 2017

Get acquainted with the best programs and resources for your comms team.

Francis, project manager and comms

Wordpress & Squarespace: I'm not saying every site is built on them... not quite. But knowing your way around these tools will make you infinitely more valuable to any client or employer as you will be able to make simple updates to most sites, and even quickly spin up a basic site on a template if needed.

Dropbox Paper: Dropbox is famous enough that it won't scare your clients. Dropbox Paper means you can actually work on some collaborative documents with them that don't look terrible. Intuitive, free and worth your time.

Boomerang for Gmail: Put really simply, this will let you schedule your emails. It also has some deeper features, like follow-up reminders and other tricks, that will help you to manually manage your CRM. Great to help you avoid dropping the ball with clients, or for shooting through emails at 3am during an all-nighter. Free for limited use.

Imogen, copywriter

Hemingway App: Hemingway app is a website (or you pay for a download of the desktop application) that makes your writing clear and bold. It’ll point out long and complex sentences, when you’re using passive voice, and when there’s a simpler alternative word choice. It’ll give your writing a grade - aim for 9 or under. It’s a lifesaver when you’re the only one editing a document.

Grammarly : Grammarly is an application (with web platform, browser extension, add-on and desktop application options) that edits your internet ramblings. I couldn't recommend it more highly. It’s quick and effective. If you sign up for an account, it even learns your writing style and tailors synonyms for you.

Julian, video production and comms

Google Form: I love Google Form, and you can use it for a wide range of tasks from research to online contracts. My favourite feature is the ‘Form Publisher’ add-on, that automatically turns the responses into PDFs sent directly to your email.

Google Docs/Sheets: This is an obvious one, but for good reason: it’s seamless. I’ve moved all of my documents and spreadsheets online so I can access them anywhere, and share them for collaboration. It also makes me feel like a real-life business person when I edit documents on the tram.

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