Aap I Pad  Landscape

Australian Associated Press

The media landscape is changing. AAP needed to change with it, and they made the most of the opportunity.

AAP need no introduction. What they did need was a way to seamlessly introduce their offerings on the Cognitives platform and bolster revenue through ongoing design and development services.

We created a high functionality marketing portal that let AAP target specific audiences and allowed clients to try the Cognitives platform before committing.

Publish by AAP

AAP were determined to modernise their brand and the fundamental way they did business through their new entity, Publish.

They needed a personalised and inclusive way to concierge users through a highly functional product. A full backend allowed AAP to reactively modify their service packs in response to the behaviour of their audience.

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What do you do for your client who does it all? You help them show off their work.

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