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An elegant solution for a tech startup with some big plans.

Cognitives had the idea, they had the vision, but they needed some extra manpower to get off the ground. We worked with their in-house team and got deep into an immersive collaboration to define and solve problems. 

Product & UX

Cognitives needed to be a sticky platform, encouraging users to engage and then buy after their trial. The simple but comprehensive functionality is the backbone and the point-of-difference of the platform. We meticulously researched and designed a platform that was easy to navigate and intuitive to use. 

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We conveyed the epic scale of the platform with epic nature photos from the outside world. 

Pairing minimalist design gravitas with innovative tech graphics welcomed the user into this brave new world.

Cogs Business Card Mockup 3
Cog Brand
Cog Tshirt

Design & UI

We researched, designed and built out a series of styled and comprehensive templates which formed the theme ecosystem. Each template is tailored to the needs and behaviours of varying audience personas, based on real use case data of existing clients.

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Pitch Materials

With SaaS emerging as a new concept in the tech world, Cognitives needed a strong, clear pitch deck and we worked with them to integrate powerful copy and graphics in a fluid presentation. It's gone on to help them secure investors and clients alike.

Cog Tv 1
Cog Tv 2
Cog Tv 3


We took a holistic approach to the Cognitives marketing strategy, designing and developing a specialised marketing site with extra functionality. We wrote and designed technical ebooks to educate their audience about the benefits of going SaaS. We also developed a series of EDM templates to use to chase hot leads and build their community. 

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NBA ~ Sportal

Sportal saw an opportunity to appeal to their young market by revamping on their digital offering.

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