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Moorabin Veterinary Hospital

Moorabin Veterinary Hospital needed to stand out from the crowd and attract a new, younger audience.

MVH needed a rebrand to see them go from dog house to top dog. This friendly veterinary surgery can be found in a nondescript location, on a dull main road, and while they had a great relationship with their existing customers they needed a new way to bring enquiries through the door.

Website Design & Development

A clean, simple design championed direct information over razzle-dazzle. A straightforward user experience led users to calls to action that made views convert to enquiries.

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The new MVH brand was modernised and simplified. The calming and authoritative blue/green tones throughout aim to relax customers while building trust.

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The new MVH branding was converted into eye-catching and bold decals and signage. The majority of MVH customers are dog owners so we decided to reflect them in the dog-centric designs. We kept the signage clean and clear, once again prioritising clear information and wayfinding (and cute puppies).

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Content Stratergy

An active blog allowed MVH to build a community online with educational posts and seasonal warnings. We worked with them to regularly update their blog with SEO-optimised content, shaped by meaningful insights and analytics. 

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With one name across three business ventures, Waterman needed a commanding monolithic brand.

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