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NBA ~ Sportal

Sportal saw an opportunity to appeal to their young market by revamping on their digital offering.

We noticed a surge in the amount of traffic coming through mobile and capitalised on it with a refreshed web design. We focussed on a seamless user experience and invested heavily in responsive products that flowed flawlessly between devices.

NBA Integration

After our initial redesign, Sportal won full and exclusive rights to NBA web content. This major inclusion required a careful touch to integrate the two brands and support a large and demanding audience.

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Scoreboard App

A native app for the dedicated fan, designed to give an immersive and shareable experience.

We incorporated rolling updates and real time scores to frame Scoreboard as a pocket guide for all things NBA.

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Match Centre

The Match Centre site was the epicentre of the statistics overload. We designed a site to rationalise the onslaught of numbers into a visual language, structured by white space and pops of way-finding colour to be easily consumed by even the drunkest sports fan.

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Australian Associated Press

The media landscape is changing. AAP needed to change with it, and they made the most of the opportunity.

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