The Jolly Miller Café

Can a growing franchise chain build a local and loyal following? We thought so.

The Jolly Miller Café is a warm and friendly neighbourhood café chain, who started their tenure as a small family business and eventually found themselves in a bind.

With their business rapidly expanding to over eleven locations, they needed to take stock of their brand, web presence, and social media channels to reach a widespread audience.


We designed a clean new logo and brand identity for The Jolly Miller Café, with a simple core black and white colour scheme supported by a strong suite of colours that echoed their menu. 

To communicate the broad range of goodies we used some mouth-watering words and a hat-tip to the baker character from their previous logo to create some continuity through graphic design.

Jm  Window Signage Jm  Restaurant  Branding Jm  Menu  Mockup Jm  Stationery Pack
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We developed a social media strategy that revolved around a strong, central page rolling out polished content and images. Targeted ads and content were supported by in-store posters, table-toppers and digital displays.

Jm Poster  Mockup


We designed a repeating, text based pattern for their new packaging and interior decorating. Variations of this brand pattern contained subtle differences to suit different package types. The slogan template "For the love of great..." was applied throughout the business to maintain continuity.

Jm  Coffee Cup  Mockup Jm  Coffee Bag  Mockup Jm  Bag Cup  Mockup Jm  Square Carrier Box Jm Grease Proof
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A strong marketing strategy needs a steady stream of delicious images to pique interest and tempt the tastebuds. Our photographers and food stylists ensured The Jolly Miller Café’s imagery was consistent, colourful and irresistable.

Jm  Photo  Image10
Jm  Photo  Image8
Jm  Photo  Image6
Jm  Photo  Image2
Jm  Photo  Image1

Website Design & Development

We did lots of UX research into how to treat the many locations on a single platform. With the completely revamped website came a chance to drill down into localised SEO content with local café pages and optimised blog content to complement the coordinated social media roll out.

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Rimon Testimonial
“We used Light Creative on a wide range of creative services. Their creative ideas coupled with the execution of the ideas was great.
They helped us launch a proper social media platform with healthy engagement and helped generate more awareness to the wider brand. We found them always responsive and great partners to work with. A company that realises the working day was 9-5 and always available to help if need be."
Rimon Barbar
The Jolly Miller


An elegant solution for a tech startup with some big plans.

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