What do you do for your client who does it all? You help them show off their work.

For this creative IT consultancy company to thrive, they need to show off how their tech solutions have been changing industry landscapes. How better to convey their agile and broad project base than with multimedia?

ThoughtWorks Live Conference

The ThoughtWorks Live conference was fully tech, fully catered and full of big wigs. And we got it all on tape.

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Live Social Photography

Capturing pics of tech’s biggest movers, shakers and candlestick makers? Piece of cake. Photography and live quotes posted as branded social media posts in minutes.

Thw  Live 2016  Stephanie  Rieger 1
Thw  Live 2016  Paul  Shetler 1
Thw  Live 2016  Angela  Ferguson 2
Thw  Live 2016  Keith  Dodds 3

Client Stories

Why show a testimonial when you can tell the full story? We shot and designed video profiles of ThoughtWorks' most innovative client projects to show off their 'woah'.

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Presentations and Pitches

When ThoughtWorks need to dazzle, we step in and ramp up big client presentations with animations, graphics, and sometimes a little bit of glitter.

Thw  Myer 1
Thw  Myer 7
Thw Myer Storyboard 1
Thw Myer Storyboard 4

Recruitment Advertising

ThoughtWorks prides itself as an accepting, positive and generally awesome place to work. We helped them show it.

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Testimonial Img One
“We partnered with Light Creative to help us produce beautiful and compelling video content that helps convey our message and brand personality.
They just get us. They give great creative advice, always know what will work and what won't, are very accommodating to any changes, and the turnaround for a video is super quick.“
Olivia Leonard

Moorabin Veterinary Hospital

Moorabin Veterinary Hospital needed to stand out from the crowd and attract a new, younger audience.

Mvh  Dl  Mockup