With one name across three business ventures, Waterman needed a commanding monolithic brand.

The Waterman name was being diluted across three different businesses. With three thriving ventures under the one banner, the central Waterman brand had to be built for versatility.

We designed the overarching Waterman brand identity to reflect simplicity and trustworthiness.

We gave each of the individual businesses under the Waterman name a unique identity using a tailored colour palette. These bold and authoritative styles were used throughout documentation and stationery collateral to give a continuity to the entire Waterman family.

Wat  Brand 1 Wat  Brand 2 Wat  Brand 3
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Waterman Business Centres

We designed and built a clean and intuitive web app booking system for Waterman Business Centres. This digital platform was supported by internal signage with a matching style.

Wat Flyer
Wat  Booking I Pad
Wat Booking I Pad 2

Waterman Partners

We helped leverage the Waterman name and push a broader and suite of services. Signage, stationary and documentation designed to appeal to a modern audience.

Watparnters 1 Watpartners 2 Watpartners 3
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Waterman Financial

Revitalising the financial roots of the Waterman brand was the first step to growth. The freedom to be flexible was a big priority as the business grew so we built organic forms/templates to make it easy for them to adapt.

Wat Steps 2
Wat Steps 1

McPherson Media Group

A new media strategy for old media royalty.

Mmg  Homepage