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Teenage audiences can be a challenge, especially when you are talking about body image. We helped to build a digital product that made the topic approachable in a classroom setting.

A visual identity and bespoke illustrations made for a memorable user experience that rolled out across multiple schools, earning the researchers some kudos and leading to further funding for tools in this important area.

What we did

Strategy / Identity Design / UX / UI / Illustration

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Bespoke illustrations

Heavy subject matter meets a school audience with a short attention span. We needed approachable and direct language to partner with a visual style that grabbed attention without downplaying the topic.

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Engaging user experience

A clear and linear user experience allowed students to immediately see the product was simple to get through. Segmenting information helped to keep the focus of users and direct their attention.

Normalising different body types

The crux of the project was to normalise different body types and dispel the myth of a 'right' or 'wrong' physique. Simple, consumable pieces of content aimed at dispelling stigmas without making students feel lectured.

Everything man

"As an academic, I'm not used to working with design agencies, and wasn't sure what to expect. Nick and Francis were amazing - so great at accommodating our research needs while injecting brilliant branding advice, and creating an amazing product that we are currently using to facilitate our intervention. They were strategic, communicated well throughout, and delivered beyond expectation."

Zali Yager
Project Lead