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We don't usually do this. It's a really crazy idea, so don't ask us to. But just this once we wanted to test ourselves to pull together a visual style, web design, and high-end video and photography shoot in a month and a half.

The results saw Recovawear gain traction with investors, win accolades at fancy startup pitch events, and build a name and client base in the real world.

What we did

Strategy / Identity Design / Video / Photography / UI

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Lean startup strategy

It's all about focus. With limited time and resources, we needed to be clear on the outcomes we were shooting for: investor interest and consumer appeal.

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A package deal

Immediate opportunities presented by pitching events and funding pools meant Recovawear needed to instantly look the part. Strong visuals. High-end images. Slick digital presence.

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A simple website with punchy visuals that highlighted the product for consumers while showing a confident brand message to investors.

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Brand Rollout

Supporting collateral to enable Recovawear to execute on a proper brand roll-out across multiple channels.

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Promotional Videos

High production value videos to bring the product to life and show Recovawear is the real deal.

"Light Creative helped finely tune the brand message. They took on the challenge of making an adaptive clothing line to be stylish. It was a mighty task and the team succeeded in every way. When you hire Light Creative, not only do you get the best of their collective experiences, but a professional, exceptionally talented, synergistic team. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Penny Weber