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RMIT Packages

Being stuck inside is the perfect time to come up with some brilliant ideas. So we threw together a discounted package for our friends and neighbours at RMIT.

These video conference workshops will help you and your business partners articulate those ideas, define your audience, find your voice and nail the messaging that will kickstart your business.

Whether you have a bare bones startup or an established small business, these workshops will help you clarify the purpose and drive behind your brand to let you make deeper connections with your target audience.

Defining your audience

Getting a very clear picture of your target audience is essential in make sure your brand, messaging and even product itself is tailored to suit their needs. We will consider not just the demographic makeup of your audience, but their goals and what makes them tick.

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Goals
  • Opportunities
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Problem solving
Articulating the problem you're solving

Once we understand your audience, we need to understand the problems they are facing, what they risk if they don't solve those problems, and exactly why your solution is the best of the bunch.

  • Problem mapping
  • Risk mapping
  • Solution mapping
Building your core brand attributes

Every successful business has a strong set of brand attributes and values at its core. We will help you explore what drives you and what words will form the foundation of your business for years to come.

  • Culture
  • Audience
  • Voice
  • Feel
  • Impact
  • X-factor
Brand attributes
Positioning statement
Creating your market positioning statements

Turning your brand attributes into tangible statements that you can hang your hat on. These statements will be the reference points every time you speak to your business partner, your staff, your investors, and of course your customers.

  • Positioning statement
  • Why statement
  • How statement
  • What statement