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People love to get judgey when they attend a corporate event. ThoughtWorks had speakers and venues worth bragging about but needed to keep presentations visually engaging and generate content to take their thought leadership to a digital audience.

Presentation decks, animated videos, and photography helped to build the brand of ThoughtWorks events and comprehensive video coverage helped keep attendee numbers up year after year and exponentially increase the value of running each event thanks to some evergreen content libraries.

What we did

Strategy / Video / Photography / Animation

Human Photography

Corporate events can seem cold and lifeless. We used specialist portrait and human-centric photographers to capture natural expressions and interactions, bringing colour and a welcoming energy to each event.

TW events 1 photography xconf
TW events 2a photography live
TW events 2b photography live
TW events 3 photography live
TW events 4 photography food
TW events 5a photography live
TW events 5b photography xconf
TW events 6 photography chef
Contemporary Presentations

Presentation decks are about grabbing attention without distracting from the speaker. For heavy tech content, there are also a few complex concepts that need to be explained visually. It's all about consistency and clear communication.

Branded events

Signage, lanyards, place cards, menus, digital displays, and take-home booklets. Tangible and carefully branded elements helped to bring a unique identity to each event while promoting brand awareness for ThoughtWorks.

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Name tag
Place cards

"ThoughtWorks has partnered now for many years with Light Creative to service our strategic and targeted creative requirements, for both our local and global businesses. This includes photography, client video stories, event filming, client pitch presentation, event speaker presentations and the development of our sales narrative and brand. It's an added bonus that the team we work with there are all genuinely nice people that we get along with and enjoy working with as part of our extended team."

Karen Dumville
Head of Marketing - Australia, ThoughtWorks